Writing adventures so far

To those who have stuck by me thank you for reading. To new visitors, thanks for dropping by and know that writing (whether it is reviewing episodes of Doctor Who here or writing stories) is something I pursue because I must, even if it is shoved into the spare hours I have between everything else.

Any who, I’m going on an adventure. A long journey over hill, under hill and dale,  skirting a lonely mountain (or dormant volcano) there and back again to see and commemorate my kin. I may tell of it upon my return. Or I mayn’t. We’ll see.

However, before I leave, probably sans pocket-handkerchief like a certain Baggins, a quick update on this writing malarkey.

This year:

  • Graduated with an MA in Writing and Literature.
  • Seven stories published this year
  • One accepted for publication next year.
  • One story published as part of a poster.
  • One Udemy eBook publication course won as a result of writing.
  • Several stories awaiting notification.
  • One poem awaiting judgement.
  • A couple of stories under way.
  • One complete novella under a bit of renovation before being sent off.
  • Two Zentangle classes complete.
  • Joined Instagram.


Ye Olde Zentangle?

Ye Olde Zentangle?

I think that’s it.

Now to sleep and dream because I must away ere break of day. Not quite like Toad from Wind in the Willows, but with the north wind in my hair nonetheless, recalling how he chanted as he flew, and the car responded with sonorous drone; the miles were eaten up under him…


3 thoughts on “Writing adventures so far

  1. I have been so enjoying your blog, Bec. Your wisdom and insights and marvelous creativity. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on a great year! Karen xxx

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