Changing spaces

I’m going to a writing retreat. I won a place, which is nice, and I’m looking forward to it. Not sure of what to expect, or what I’ll gain from it, but I hope something a bit writing related.

Pretty sure the room we'll be in won't be like this.  But I won't mind if I'm wrong.

Pretty sure the room we’ll be in won’t be like this. But I won’t mind if I’m wrong.

It shouldn’t matter where we write, but it sometimes it might. Sometimes, the household is full of chores that need doing, emails, social media, phone calls, and animals that need attention or distractions that weave their magic, so very little writing gets done.

Other times, sitting in the usual place, in the same old room, writing the usual way, results in, well the same old writing. It can go a bit stale.

I should remember this, now the weather is getting nicer. I can and should sit outside for a bit, or at least in the kitchen. Or maybe go round to the bakery across the way for a while. It shouldn’t take winning a place like this to remember, but then, it’s easy to fall into habits. It’s just harder to change them.

So, I’m excited – a whole entire day, for me (and others) in a special room, set aside for writing.

Sounds like a lil slice of a writing heaven.

At least I hope so.

I’ll let you know:)

Hopefully, this retreat won't be full of weird distractions.

Hopefully, this writing retreat won’t be full of weird distractions.

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