Admiration x 3

I’m not into certain kinds of inspiration. I’m not on Pintrest for the words across artist landscapes or landscaped bodies encouraging me to be all I can be.

I’m not a Just Do It person.

In fact if you instruct me to Just Do It, I won’t. Probably. I’m contrary and often, resistant. Sometimes I’m resistant to being contrary. I’m working on the resistant issue, but I refuse to be contrite about being contrary. It’s my modus operandi. Um, did I made a haiku? That felt very haiku.

A tale of woe is as likely to prompt me to respond with a story or a picture as much as a happy picture of puppies in flowers cavorting. No, I’m wrong, woe is far more likely to motivate me to attempt something creative. But not all the time, because remember, contrary.

Because I had to find something to put here.

I had to find something to put here.

So in the spirit of sharing positivity, here are three people whose work makes me want to make mine better.  Although I have interacted with all three slightly, in this tiny Australian corner of the arty/literary internet ocean, they have not sought out my recommendations. My opinions are offered and sincere, nonetheless.


  • I’ve read the first pages of Anna Spargo-Ryan’s novel The Paper House (out soon). It is jaw droppingly good and made me want to weep for the story it tells and the perfection of its prose. And for me too, since I can’t even approach writing like this, let alone imitate it. But we each have our burdens and writing like me is mine. But this writing gives me hope.


  • Aware that I am diffident about my own efforts, Omar Sakr’s poetry is a revelation. It makes me happy that it is currently enjoying widespread acclaim in places such as Meanjin and Cordite, as it should. There is not enough acclaim for poetry, or poets for that matter.


  • There is solace to be found in the work of Tony Single, whose art and musings are poignant and pointed. I would say more, but go visit his sites to discover oodles of aha moments.


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