Taking advice as directed

Last week I attended the Emerging Writer’s Festival Criticism Masterclass. The main thing, absolutely the main thing I got from it, was to pitch. Write and pitch, imitate and make contact, read and practice. But mainly, pitch ideas. I’d never really done that before, but, reader, I did.

Use writing advice only as directed and check with a mentor first.

Use writing advice only as directed & check with a mentor first.

I pitched one idea to one place where I’d already been in some contact.

I was invited to send my proposal.

And it’s been accepted.

So there you go.

I haven’t had a non fiction piece published for a long while, longer than I care to think about actually, and it’s good. In fact, what I’ve written is not like the formal book reviews I’ve had published in the past. It’s more reflective and lyrical, the form also inspired by some of the speakers.

This turn of events kinda makes all I’ve been writing here worthwhile, because initially my piece on the class was going to be a post for exactly this spot. As a direct result of that day, I changed my behaviour and decided it was worth asking if someone wanted it. Turns out they did. Now it will be polished, edited and published.

Like taking medicine prescribed by the general practitioner, at the correct dosage, sometimes writing advice, when applied, actually works. And you feel better too.

Here endeth this lesson from my blog.

Here endeth this lesson from my blog.

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