Speaking ill of creativity

In my fevered imaginings last week as I lay sick, and in pain, I believed and almost still believe, I have an older sister called Nadine who died as a child. Am tempted to interrogate family members on this as it seemed so oddly specific. Then I concluded Prince Charles would never be king because of Alzheimer’s Disease, which clearly isn’t (?) the case. After the events of this week though, I realise all the world seems to be in thrall to news out of Buckingham Palace so I am fine. As for these thoughts, they weren’t connected, unless something else now wanders through my head, but they demonstrate the state I was in. Basically, I don’t normally invent sisters and, except for this week, contemplate the fate of the English monarchy.

This is what a bout of the least glamorous of all illnesses, gastroenteritis, did to me. Couldn’t eat at all, couldn’t sleep except for fitful dozes between important journeys to the bathroom, but I had plenty to think regarding the British royal family.

Not at all interested in royals, as I spend time looking at heraldry for characters.

However, I also had creative ideas. Or one. Not sure when, but I did have the wherewithal to write it down, in my sketch book, which happens. I’m sharing this because I have no notion whether it is worth it, or will work.

Here goes.

In my darkest files there are short stories for kids that have never been published, mostly because many were never sent anywhere, just written for TAFE writing class a lifetime ago. I’ve been rifling through them, with the notion to break them up, and post them in a loose series, with some of my doodles and photos as illustrations.

Imagine if Charles Darwin tweeted the voyage of the Beagle. #iguanas

Initially the idea was to post them on Insta or Tumblr under the narrator’s own account, like Darwin posting the voyage of the Beagle. However, one drawback is that social media sites have a minimum age of 13. I’m unsure whether my stories would appeal to teens (or anyone). And if they do, kids aren’t usually on Insta or Tumblr for the stories, but for friends, fandom wars, and memes, (as far as I can tell).

Cheers to me for ideas.

Instead, I opted for a blog, as it leaves more room for text and doesn’t need to be updated so often, which could also be a drawback. Another fatal flaw so far is getting the blog to work, but then again maybe I’ve not quite recovered enough to expend all my energy getting the picture editor function to work, or exist.

Finally, the core issue is not ideas. It never has been. I  get enough, sick or not. The problem is the sustained effort required to guarantee the execution of said inspiration, and that is my outrageous fortune to contemplate.

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