Amusing Me: to be or Knottbee.

Well reader I did it. A couple of posts ago I mused about setting up a blog (or some such) to publish some short story-like things I have stored in my computer from years ago. I can now announce it is done, or at least started. The site, called the Adventures of the Affronted Falcon, found here, is still finding its feet, but five little vignette things have been made public so far. I’m not promoting it (apart from this), thus, it’s just there, being very silly, but I’m having fun and that’s merely one goal.

The good ship the Affronted Falcon.

This format means there is so much more to do, because I find writing like this breeds more writing. There are some basic plot points and characters, but I’ve set it up so it could go on forever. This little dream land is whatever I want it to be, subject to the limits of my site building capacities. The world I’m creating (known as Knottbee Island) can be as lame or as weird or as slightly amusing and certainly as odd as I can imagine and find or create illustrations for.

Heraldry of Professor Impossibilios, scientist and explorer of Knottbee Island.

Thus far I have used parts of stories I already had, just re-purposed and edited, but in the process of doing that I have already written new things for this site. In some moods this could be considered writing procrastination to avoid other writing, but most of this was doing nothing but collecting digital dust as files, so it may as well be out in the world. Maybe something will come of this, because what I do know is that nothing comes of writing just sitting on the hard drive.

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