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If you’ve been visiting a while then you may recall me wittering on about a sketchbook. Well, my latest effort has been uploaded for perusal online at The Sketchbook Project. Some of the pencil sketches haven’t come up so clearly, but hey, my little book of pictures is in the world.

Self explanatory

And it turns out my this book is not just staying home on a shelf at the Brooklyn Art Library, no sirree, it is touring the USA. If however, like me, you are not in the US, you can see my efforts here online. Each page contrasts water-colour or pen and ink efforts I produced when I was a kid, with sketches I completed over last spring and summer when I undertook my season of sketching. Hence the title, Past Imperfect, Present Tense. I didn’t know at the time what I was working towards. It turned out it was this.

Work in progress, last summer. It didn’t make the cut for the sketch book.

I longed to recapture the contentment, sitting in my Nan’s tiny cottage over a hot and mosquito filled January or several, listening to the steady too-ing and fro-ing thocks of the tennis while I painted, and painted. Instead, I found a new contentment, looking for views and angles as I wandered Melbourne’s CBD and lying on the parquet floor of the NGV, pencil in hand.

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