Some small Mediums at large

If you are interested in reading some work of mine that has only been published in print,  a few short stories are now up over at Medium. There are also old stories previously published online, now Medium is their new home. As a platform it is easy to use, and sleek to look at.

Fantasy creative writing decor shot.

It’s been an interesting exercise in tracing my development, looking back at these stories. While one  piece is something I wrote this year, the others were published in 2011 and 2012.  Apparently 2011 is aeons ago in the digital world, and some of these links vanished, so it turns out not even the Internet is forever, but here they are in the world again, with minor edits and new thoughts about them.

Anyway, I have changed over time, and my writing has changed. I believe my vocabulary has grown, and I am more willing to experiment, or perhaps worry less about words and the expected order of things.

Not the tech I currently use, or avoid using.

Having currently huge swathes of time to write, I have nothing to show for it…except this, I suppose. But there is little else. It’s not just the cold I have. I’m tired but can’t sleep. Restless without energy, all my worst traits are enhanced and I’m wasting my days. Or waiting for a change, when I should be making it. It’s all I can do to keep up with a University of Iowa  creative writing MOOC, which feels like another distraction, or some small effort to kick-start my creativity (but my esteem is holding up during feedback, which is something.

Spring, but not yet.

But change is in the air. Despite the chill, the slow grey days are growing longer, and there are hints of spring in the occasional breaks in the clouds. Amongst the trees, nubs of new growth are perceptible along naked branches.  With a month left of winter, there is stirring, and I feel it, or want to. And yet…I wait, and mess with words already written, when I could be completing at least one of the things begging for my attention.


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