October: it’s a wrap

Often I feel like I’m not achieving enough. Days contain all sorts of things that need to be done, but there’s not enough structure. Meanwhile, sleeping has been extremely absent, which means some fuzzy thinking and fatigue. Is there such a thing as Seasonal Affective Disorder for spring? Whatever it is, my head hurts. Yet, October was productive. Look, I even made a list:

  • After being commissioned to proofread a non-fiction manuscript a while ago, I got the MS, worked on the first chapters, met with the client, and then successfully completed the entire project to deadline, and to our mutual satisfaction. Yes!
  • After months of thinking and planning, I finally completed and then submitted a personal essay on an issue close to my heart. I think it means something that I am both nervous it will be accepted and nervous it will be dismissed out of hand.
  • I have applied for two writing type events that cropped up. I was rejected for one.

All clothing bright & wonderful, your Bec designed them all. And sells them at Redbubble. 

  • I began re-editing/rewriting my novella, in hopes of something.
  • I have written new flash fiction and submitted several short stories to publications and competitions. Eight are now pending via Submittable and a few elsewhere. No, seven, another rejection just then which included an invitation to continue to submit….so.
  • Rejections are rolling in regularly from everywhere else, as is the Way of Bec. Feedback, when provided has been positive, just not enough for publication. Which is both infuriatingly frustrating and encouraging. Again as is much the Way of Bec. I am working on this Way being more balanced towards less frustrating. Speaking of Submittable, it seems a bit buggy. Or busy.
  • Pitched two articles to a media organisation, where I was accepted into a pool of possible contributors. I am quietly excited.
  • I uploaded and promoted more designs at Redbubble.  Viewing numbers are building, slowly. Cue a picture:
Redbubble artist Becadroit

By Redbubble Artist Becadroit (me). Yeah baby. Or something.

  • Attended a cinema showing of the first return episode of Doctor Who and got to meet a social media friend IRL, which was awesome:).  It also spurred the return of regular commentary here of each episode.
  • Speaking of reviews, also saw and reviewed A Star is Born. It wasn’t a film I’d planned to see, but it was worth it for the resultant thinking.
  • I wrote a series of micro-fiction poetry like things for Instagram.  I added the last one under the Halloween theme last night for obvious reasons. People seemed to react positively to them, including the installation artist responsible for 1000 Doors, which was very cool.
  • Obviously, I attended 1000 Doors. Curiously fun. Damp. Made me wistful.
  • Attended a book talk at TS Bookshop. I recommend a visit.
  • Watched the first series of Star Trek meets office comedy The Orville.  I will write about it. Loved it, perhaps too much. There is a second series!
Redbubble artist Becadroit

                                 Also by me, Your Colours Have Teeth.                                     Design available on pretty much everything.

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