Feeling the love

Valentine’s Day has never been a significant date, except as a historical curiosity featuring long dead martyrs.  I’m not going all woe is me either: if your beloved requires a commercialised saint’s day as a reminder to up the romance, your romance might be a bit past revivification. Or not. I am definitely not an expert. If it’s your thing, go all out.

Dead flower Valentine

Type in Valentine in stock photo source. Hahahaha.

But I digress. Love and dead Christians are not the point.

Today is significant because a I’ve had my first writing acceptance of 2019.  My article was going to be a blog post, but I found somewhere that wants writing about writing and my effort was accepted. It was also accepted within a month. With a proper notification. I am positively giddy at all this communication. And the publisher pays. Yes, in actual money.  Deliver all the flowers and chocolates you want, but a timely acceptance email from a paying market is likely the most exciting thing that might happen to me today.

Stock photo writing pineapple

Look up writing in stock photo source: you get useless decorative pineapples.

Now I have to write yet another romantic poem on behalf of my housemate’s cat, dedicated to his international fiancée. Yes, the floofer is engaged to be married. All things are possible on Catstagram.

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