Oh the monotony

I’m hoping this type of announcement post will get extremely monotonous as I reveal a second poem has been accepted for publication (in a different journal to the first one).

Published, again.

It turns out sending poetry and stories to publications occasionally works. It’s simple but it’s still true, and I have been guilty of forgetting this. But I can say, writing, even by someone adjacent to anonymous like me, can get published. It is easy to be discouraged after writing bits and pieces on and off for years with very little to show for it except the ability to touch type. And in this climate, it is as easy to dismiss writing poetry as politicians scorn Arts degrees. I mean, what is my poetry doing for this economy? Then again, I am fairly certain song writers make coin… but anyway.

Celebrate! Pictured: not me. 

Yet, it’s just as dangerous and easy to celebrate achievements like this too much. It’s great. I am excited, but I am not done yet and thus, the work continues. I have dusted off more old stories and poems sitting in forlorn hard drives in order to continue to revise, rework and send out. As well as to write new things.  The other thing I have to consider is overseas publications. American publishers say things like it will feature in the Fall issue. Meanwhile, I am enduring this mostly pleasant Melbourne winter and trying to remember their Fall is before my summer. I think.


The 2020 publication status: two acceptances. Seventeen rejections. I believe there’s about twenty three pending submissions awaiting decisions.



2 thoughts on “Oh the monotony

  1. I hope this becomes a routine post for you too! Congratulations on making it into print! I too and sometimes wowed by how simple—yet terribly hard—the process can be: You write, you send it in, you wait, you write some more.

    But yes, it’s a super discouraging life, but I guess that’s how the industry separates the wheat from the chaff. Through sheer perseverance. Good luck in your future creative endeavours!

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