Farewell September

On the writing front September has been productive. I have written new poems and sent them on their ways to be considered for publication. I have made progress on short stories, and had helpful feedback from a few different editors who have also sent tips of where to send my writing next. So onward.

The state of play as of right now:

Acceptances: 9

Rejections: 61

Pending: 39

Thus, I feel I am on track this year. One hundred rejections or else get published:)

Other things:

I enjoyed Enola Holmes (Netflix now). It was sweet and good humoured about serious stuff while making timely, pointed points. For me, the decision to have the main character break the fourth wall worked, and made the story all the more engaging. This film also reminded me (or my very dim memory of) the under rated film Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) which I last saw circa 1997, but Enola Holmes is better because (more) women find ways to become the agents of change, the finders of solutions, and problem solvers. What I didn’t realise at the time but appreciate now, is that despite everything the main character goes through, the film ended on an upbeat and hopeful note, which exactly what I needed. And looking around, it is probably what many of us need.

I also watched W.E. (Stan now) Sa 2011 film directed and co-written by Madonna. It depicts the parallels between the life of Wallis Simpson and a present day New York woman named for her. It was satisfying as a drama, even if at certain moments, I wanted the narrative to stay with Abbie Cornish’s main character instead of going to the ex-Royal couple. It was thought provoking, sometimes obviously artistic, and worth a look for a different perspective on the ever topical (?) and seemingly always culturally relevant (?) British royal family and their endless (?) history. Cornish and Oscar Isaac are understated and excellent, but even more so is Andrea Riseborough who plays Wallis Simpson over the course of her life.

What else…I am reading some amazing work at Palette Poetry because why not and discovering a lot of voices that are new to me via recommendations on twitter.

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