The way it is

You know how it is, no sooner than you update the writing situation, and bid a fond adieu to September and bam, October announces itself with a story acceptance.

A few posts ago I wrote about two short stories I was having a bit of a time placing in publications. This is because these two stories, like so much of my writing were either too literary for fantasy journals, or too fantastical for the literary journals I was sending them to. Well, one story has finally found a home and I am very pleased indeed. Thus, with persistence, it turns out there is a place for it; the story will be published in November. I will of course, promote it. I believe my other story, in fact all my stories, will eventually find homes. It is just a matter of timing and I don’t know, probably a touch of magic.

Mystical balance can also be achieved with bakery treats. Photo by Snapwire on

In order to maintain the mystical balance in the creative writing sphere, I received another really good rejection, full of kind words in addition to ideas for different publications to send this other, slightly literary, slightly fantastical story. Then some poetry was rejected by another place.

The writing, is therefore, all on track.

Plus, my site tells me this is my 501st post. So congratulations me I suppose.

Situation update 2020:

Acceptances/Published: 10

Rejections: 62

Pending: 36

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