January’s tale

In somewhat of a surprise it turns out January 2022 has been the most successful writing time of my life, (so far, fingers crossed etc). I have never had five publishers accept my work in four weeks. It’s unheralded. It’s simply never happened before. However, it is perhaps less surprising when I look at the records. I submitted a bunch of writing everywhere I could find that fit a deadline, a call out, or a theme. I went hard in December and into January, not only because I had time (as in time off work in addition to public holidays), but also the energy, and at least some of the focus required. I could do this because I had the fuel in the tank, and while this success is welcome, and wildly unexpected, the rate of submissions, and therefore the rate of acceptances in the future is an unknown. Well, it’s always unknown isn’t it? But my work rate will depend on how much fuel I have left, the balance of work/life commitments, and the ratio of distractions to time available to write, search for journals, and submit to them. I can’t say every month will be January, but to put it in perspective, this January is comparable to the whole of 2021. So, make of that what you will.

A part of the giddy wonder of it all, is now two pieces are out in the world. My short story Anachoreo has been published in the Winter edition of Ligeia. You can read my story and all the other good works by following this link.

Thank you.

Writing Record update 2022.

  • Rejections: 34
  • Pending: 101
  • Acceptances: 5
  • Published: 2

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