January’s tale, the extended version

Phew. What a difference a day makes. I thought January was over, but it had more in store, writing wise. Firstly, three more rejections came through. Then, I was confused as I checked Submittable and it looked different and I automatically looked to the declined list, and nothing had changed, only to realise a poem had been accepted and should be published soon.

The erasure poem generator looked nothing like this. Photo by Pok Rie on Pexels.com

Then I was looking around on Twitter and found an erasure poem generator popup experiment hosted by a journal I follow. I know, if you don’t know what erasure poetry is, that sentence reads like word salad, but, it is fun to scribble all over a novel or an old text book. Anyway, I had a look at this generator, copied and pasted in some text out of a famous, out of copyright novel, and this software did the work for me and generated some poems. Six I deemed ok enough to save. Three were made into a sequence and submitted. Then, these three poems were accepted, just like that.

So that was one extremely satisfactory Sunday evening, generated.

Writing Record update 2022.

  • Rejections: 37
  • Pending: 91
  • Acceptances: 7
  • Published: 2

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