In review

I’ve always enjoyed reviewing. Books, art, film. Whatever. I like critically, sometimes humorously, engaging with works to see what they say about narrative, the medium, life, their creators, and me.

When I was young I tried, on occasion, to keep a diary. Invariably, the diary became a series of lists and reviews. This blog, at the beginning, anyway, had its genesis in those forgotten diaries, aided by a couple of teachers, then degrees which helped my essay writing skills, and courses that helped my editing and grammar.

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The urge to review remains, but other things vie for my attention. Sometimes, it’s good to just absorb works and, I’ve been inclined to let them exist, on their merits and flaws, while I create my own merit filled and awfully flawed things and send them, with hope, into the world. It can be difficult to make something, and make it well. It can be difficult to sit with rejection and criticism and oddly, just as difficult to sit with acceptance and praise, for the things made with your name on it. When I review, it’s from a position of admiration first. I don’t often engage with things I actively loathe, while there is always something to learn in the things I find less likeable.

These days, for me, there’s not time enough in the world to hate consume a book, or a series, or film. I’d rather linger over a delicately spare poem by Eileen Chong than turn myself into knots unravelling in 1000 words the ways The Eternals film could have been great, but didn’t get there.

I’m attempting, I think, to be gentler with the world, and therefore to be gentler with myself. After looking around, sparing a moment to imbibe the news, the world can stand to be a gentler place.

Anyway, speaking of creating, here’s a new poem by me, called Autumn Equinox, published over at Shot Glass Journal.

Writing Record update 2022.

  • Rejections: 40
  • Pending: 108
  • Acceptances by publisher: 7
  • Acceptances by work: 10
  • Published: 3

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