Some words, a little art, and me

You may recall in the deepest days of February, three poems of mine were published at Ink Pantry. Before I knew what I was doing, or what the consequences were, I then agreed to an interview. Suddenly, it has been published and I’m probably more nervous about this than having actual poems or stories out there. Probably, because creative writing is an art and artifice, full of plausible deniability if anyone asks if it really happened, or if that’s what I really felt, as if narrators or characters in stories are me (which they are not, and yet?). Anyway, despite the certain professional distance, and the choices I get to make when writing and rewriting and editing the answers (repeatedly over five days), this is me, or a version of me. Like writing this blog is a version of me. But my website feels like my lounge room, or the front door, you’re welcome to visit, but this is my space (not MySpace). A version of me, as me, over at Ink Pantry, attempting to be interesting and entertaining is one version of writer me in someone else’s living room. This means it’s a little uncomfortable. But it’s too late now, and this is my introverted self slightly worried I’ve tread mud into Ink Pantry’s polished floorboards or spilt a drink on a new rug, so to speak.

This too some of my water colour art. Blurred through bad photography and muddied by time, yet the blues and yellows still come through, nonetheless.

It’s a new kind of worry, isn’t it, an interview? A bit privileged, self-involved, and so disassociated from anything else serious going on in the world. But it seems my escapisms are now twofold: writing, and worrying about the perception of me through my writing. Fun times.

Since, you’re here, if a version of you would like to read a version of me writing about myself, writing and art, plus seeing art by me (which I am quietly freaking out about because, I can say I’m a published artist – I think?) please visit Ink Pantry.

If instead, you prefer the poetry to me talking about poetry, try here.

Thank you.

Steady as she goes – the 2022 Writing Update

Rejections: 63
Pending: 87
Acceptances by publisher: 11
Acceptances by work: 14
Published: 10

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