Poetic conditions

Now, for a little more poetry, from me, thanks to Ayaskala Magazine, based in New Delhi, India. I am very happy and excited to be published in their adornment themed edition of their journal. You can read my poem here.

Things keep happening. Editors keep editing, poets keep rhyming, or not, givers keep giving, players keep playing. Publishers keep publishing and the world feels both bigger and smaller, and more connected, even amid the current crises, calamities, and chaos around the world.

What I’ve learned it there are no perfect conditions for creativity. It’s a matter of making do in order to make. I want to keep making and I want that choice for everyone, everywhere. Yet, if I give up because of the weight of the bad things in the world, and because others cannot currently create, then I’m just adding to the despair. But I subvert despair. The things I write might not fix the world, but they help me, and perhaps they might mean something to others too.

Photo by Gelgas Airlangga on Pexels.com

And still, teachers teach, drivers drive, and writers write. May the lessons we learn, the places we go, and the words we put down always point us towards loving kindness and respect for ourselves, each other and the world. It’s needed.

Steady as she goes – the 2022 Writing Update

Rejections: 66
Pending: 84
Acceptances by publisher: 11
Acceptances by work: 14
Published: 11

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