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Mere weeks ago I wrote here about an odd little story I’ve been sending out in an effort to get published, well, for awhile. After years of edits, submissions, and rejections, this story has been accepted and will be published soon. I’m really pleased my work has finally found a home and editors have seen in it something that suits their aesthetic, style and voice. Also just in, another poem has been accepted and will be published on March 18. Time to celebrate.

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What I appreciate, whether my work is accepted or rejected, is that generally editors have clear ideas of what they are looking for, either based on their journal’s philosophy generally, or a themed issue, or based on the submissions they have already accepted. Of course, it’s perfect when my work finds the fit with the journal, but it’s helpful to know if my work is close, or not, when pieces are rejected. Then again, I know there are myriad reasons for rejection, including editors have already accepted something similar, or the perspective isn’t right. Rejection reasons are innumerable. However, messages, words of advice, and suggestions of where else I can submit to, from editors are always valued. The only way to keep learning is to keep going. And vice versa.

Steady as she goes – the 2022 writing update

Rejections: 76
Pending: 84
Acceptances by publisher: 13
Acceptances by work: 16
Published: 11

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