Artful response

As I mentioned in my previous post my creativity reacts well to boundaries. Give me boundaries to kick against, rather than unending flat planes of white paper or empty screens. It seems poems in response to art are also finding favour. Ekphrastic writing isn’t new to me, I’ve been writing in response to the artistic works and experiences of others for awhile. It is a helpful way into ‘becoming’ creative if you’re not feeling it, and there is art everywhere, you could or can go to a gallery, but you can also find art online. It also doesn’t have to be art you know, or love. It’s probably easier if the art is new to you, it just needs to elicit a reaction

Hence, my poem’s inclusion in The Ekphrastic Review‘s most recent regular challenge is welcome validation.

I am extremely pleased my poem (follow the link) Berg Again inspired by photographer John Paul Caponigro’s images of an Antarctic iceberg was accepted and published today.

Steady as she goes – the 2022 writing update

Rejections: 110
Pending: 64
Acceptances by publisher: 20
Acceptances by work: 24
Published: 19

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