Provenance of joy

April, publishing wise, has been my most successful month ever. As proof, Provenance Journal has published my short story Commentaries of Xanthippe in their absurd themed issue. It’s a piece I have edited, rewritten, and submitted occasionally, on and off for years, so I’m very pleased it’s found a home. At one point I divided the story up and inserted bits between other short stories to make a themed chapbook, which was rejected. After another spit and polish I sent it off, hoping the editors would see in this story something that resonated. And they did. Provenance Journal editors were profoundly complimentary and enthusiastic about this story.

An appreciative acceptance like the one from the Provenance editors makes it feel that the effort, the time, the resources, are worth it in creative endeavours. It’s such a simple joy when I learn someone likes a piece I created. It’s a joy I’ll do better to remember to give as well as receive. There are so many talented poets and writers out there. I’ll go find some.

Steady as she goes – the 2022 writing update

Rejections: 111
Pending: 64
Acceptances by publisher: 20
Acceptances by work: 24
Published: 20

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