Story and time

The story of some stories can be long and winding. Only because it is about time. Writing takes time, learning to write takes time, getting a piece polished, submitted and accepted, all takes time. Sometimes, it all takes longer than you expect. Other times, it is quicker.

For instance, some stories begin because you take a writing course in 2001 and 2002 and one day our writing class spends a nice hour or so wandering around the centre of the city, the garden, the gallery, the shops, for inspiration. So far, that one moment in time just over 20 years ago resulted in three pieces of work. There were two poems, one was published in 2020 and the other this year. The other piece I wrote in response to that class outing was a short story that was considered for the local newspaper back in the day, before the paper changed their interests. Then my story lay fallow for a decade before it was accepted and published in 2011 in a short lived Melbourne-based print journal. This week that little story was republished and it’s online for the first time. The story is called Robbie and Me and it’s over at Defuncted. Please follow the link to read something by me as a shinier, newer and younger writer here.

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But wait, there’s more

In other news, I am pleased to announce two extremely tiny poems have been accepted and published over at Five Fleas. You can pay them a visit here.

I have another scheduled short story due out any moment in October and two new poems will be published in early November, but one can never know what else may occur.

2022 writing update:

  • Rejections: 154
  • Pending: 18
  • Acceptances by publisher: 27
  • Acceptances by work: 38
  • Published: 35

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