Making it real

It’s publication time once more. I extremely pleased to announce I have two poems appearing in Corporeal Lit Magazine, accompanied by some gorgeous calligraphy. You can find them at the link here if you like.

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I was going to write at length about these two poems, but they do and should speak for themselves and frankly, I’m still recovering from an exhausting October. Really, October was intense. And, now I’ve been blindsided by November.

In addition, I was distracted (or entranced) by a short story I am near the end of rewriting and editing because I found somewhere it will fit and be at home. Not that’s any guarantee. Then I saw a different call out on a subject I wrote a flash fiction for, but the call out was for poetry. So, I edited that little story into a poem and it might now have a chance to be published. Thus, I have stumbled across my November theme: alchemy. I will be busy transmuting one form of writing and being into another so I might attain once more the golden state of publication.

Thank you for sticking by me.

The 2022 writing update

  • Rejections: 157
  • Pending: 21
  • Acceptances by publisher: 29
  • Acceptances by work: 40
  • Published: 38