And another thing

Look, I was wrong. It turns out the last day of 2022 had an acceptance waiting up its sleeve. The poem will be published towards the end of January 2023. Of course, I have another day in 2022 to look forward to as my current pending submissions are in another hemisphere. Anything can happen *looks at clock* in my best writing year so far.

I don’t do resolutions but in 2023 I will continue to do as I have done: write, edit, rewrite, send writing out, and hopefully get some more works published. It’s gonna be, relatively speaking, wild.

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The actual final writing update of 2022.

  • Rejections: 169
  • Pending: 12
  • Acceptances by publisher: 34
  • Acceptances by work: 46
  • Published: 42

The 2023 Preview

  • To be published: 3
  • Pending: 12