New year, same-ish me

Change and transformation are worthy and I am committed to development as a writer and as a person, however, there is something to be said for continuing traditions. Thus, I am continuing the writing update. The 2023 writing update is quite tabula rasa, but almost. In the spirit of this tradition my poem accepted last year is now published in issue 29 of Triggerfish Critical Review, which you can find here. This is published with thanks to the editor and with extra thanks to the three contributing poets who offered their thoughts on my work. It is deeply appreciated. I also commend the entire issue, featuring insightful comments on some wonderful poetry and prose.

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Speaking of development, I’m taking part in (well almost completed) the Nadia Colburn 2023 Meditation and Writing Challenge, which has been immensely helpful. In seeking to better connect writers (who are ideas people) to their bodies, I found this practice has opened a few doors. There are things I have written in response to this challenge that I can see developing into publishable works.

More poetry will be out at the end of January. But as I saw with December, anything can happen.

Thank you.

The 2023 Writing Update

  • Rejections: 3
  • Pending: 11
  • Accepted (3 carried over from 2022): 3
  • Published: 1