2015 Writing Resolution Review

Thought it was timely to revisit my resolutions from the end of last year, as I swelter in the squelchy humidity of a mid December Melbourne.  This is before I even attempt to make new resolutions. It’s too hot for that.

So, the first one:

  • I will have moved heaven and earth to get my novella edited and published or accepted to be published. 

Well I certainly sent it out, at least to four novella competitions. I am currently examining it again to send it on a new cycle.

  • I will have written a sequel-ish to it.

So, that didn’t happen. At least not in the way I’d imagined. I wrote 50,000 words plus of a horror-mystery novel taking some inspiration for the landscape and background for NaNoWriMo, though. It’s a bit sequel-ly then.

That was unexpected. But welcome.

This unexpectedly happened in 2015. 

  • I will increase the rate of submissions by 50%.

This happened. Sadly, submitting pieces doesn’t equal acceptance. I made 20 submissions just using Submittable (ignoring email) in 2015, versus seven in 2014. Many of them took longer than five months to let me know too.

  • I will write four new short stories minimum, and send them out.

One short story turned in a novel. And I did find some half imagined things stuck away in the hard drive and complete them and send them off. I call that one complete.

  • I will submit to more/different publications.

Yes. I did this. Since I’ve tested the waters, I will narrow my focus to get published in those few who sent me back positive rejections, rather than ignored me outright. I’ll also keep an eye on journals who previously rejected my work, but have since changed editor.

  • I will complete everything I start.

Barring the novel I started in November, yes, this is the case and will continue to be the case.

Writing sometimes feels like you're dragging a dog across weak ice while cold and alone, when everyone else is having the fun.

Writing feels like you’re dragging a big dog across weak ice while cold & alone, when everyone else is having the ‘fun’ I keep hearing about. I miss winter.

  • I will keep up the art effort.

I did complete my Zentangle wooden box project, and jumped on the bandwagon of colouring in, a bit. That all went pear-shaped towards the end of the year though, due to the novel project.

  • A resolution I had, was to keep up the blog and increase traffic to it, a bit, at least. 

I can say that’s achieved too. And I started on Tumblr, writing poetry things about space pictures, cos why the hell not really.

Thanks everyone for visiting or commenting.

And the weather has broken.

Fat splodges of rain have left their marks on the deck, the wind can’t decide to pick up or stop but at least it’s no longer from the north, while the clouds are hanging low and it’s dropped 20 degrees in an hour.


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