The path has never seemed more slow

So the first teaser for the upcoming series of Doctor Who has dropped. It isn’t really a trailer or preview as much as a taste. The few seconds presented as an entree or Tapas, there are morsels of something that provides a hit of flavour, but they may bear no resemblance to the main course. Time will tell.

Time will tell via this astronomical clock.

What this taster did give us was something about the three new companions, which is fine (loved the Beano reference, that was very Matt Smith’s Doctor). More importantly, the scene indicated something of how regeneration is a transformative experience not just for The Doctor, but for everyone she comes into contact with, or, since she is a time traveller, will soon come into contact with. This could be a Chris Chibnall theme signal, or something else. For me, it hinted at a kind of magical, dare I say Messianic vibe, with the finished pizza regenerating in a 12 loaves and fishes reference (if you want to draw a bow that far – and I can as an ex-archer). I don’t mind this idea, however, I don’t need Girl Jesus, Universe Saviour. I just need The Doctor, in the TARDIS, damaging and helping people even as she tries to put things aright as The Doctor always has.

This taster also clearly splashed out cash on special effects with the swirly lights and slow motion, and revealed the new logo properly too.

Counting down the seconds.

Anyway, like any entree, all this achieved was to whet the appetite. Now I am ready for more, and unlike my Doctor I can’t skip ahead and see the spoilers, because, I, weary traveller, must always take the slower path. How unfair is that?

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