The slow path picked up it’s pace

Aaannnd the really real Doctor Who trailer has appeared. Calloo callay! Like sand through the hour glass, or like grains from the dune featured in one of the scenes…

Thanks to Comic-Con 18 we get to see this trailer, which featured some actual dialogue, all the newbie companions and The Doctor being Doctory in two different outfits.

Dust thou art

There are 51 full seconds showcasing The Doctor’s request for ‘new best friends,’ which is like a more overt Matt Smith Doctor. The clip also features what looks like a new colour palette, with richer tones and at least one planet with a green sky and a new sonic (win for the merch). Yay for budgeting SFX.

I’m intrigued by the look of this series, and while there is the promise of new planets, and new adventures, I am hopeful that even if every episode still looks like a Welsh quarry, there will be renewal amid the familiar. But not too familiar.

What you get in the Pexel library under monster.

Chris Chibnall has indicated there will be new ‘monsters’ instead of the usual suspects. I appreciate this. The universe is immense, so I’m hoping for weird and occasionally wonderful, instead of the utterly over exposed and banal evil of Nazi-Daleks and Cyber-fascists, or the Scooby/Moffatt reveal of it always being one of the humans with a fatal flaw.

All of time and space, or just a different bit of it.

Any way, I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor and watching where Chris Chibnall will take their ongoing adventures.

Also, just saw a teaser for Good Omens that looks amazing. Also Aquaman looks interesting.

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