A week in the life

This week I’ve been up and down and around town. Things I didn’t get turned into something else. Other potentialities I’d written off have re-emerged in a more positive light.  And that’s just this week so far. Hence, this, a partial view of most of a week in the life of me.

Many words this week, some written by me.

Check email repeatedly. Respond to queries, note competitions, upcoming opportunities, and jobs. Forget all of them, check again.

Decide to apply for two different writing related gig/event type things.

Spend hours and hours preparing for an interview. Attend this interview. Recover by trying not to self destruct over speculating how well it went.

Resist sobbing over new incoming rejections for things I can absolutely do, but are unrelated to the aforementioned interview.

Almost entirely out of the blue get invited to be put on a writer call out email list.

Glance at email announcing winners of a writing competition I didn’t win. Read the winning stories. Meh. Subjective me believes my story was objectively better. Whatever that means. Decide to send the story somewhere else.

Check Submittable. No movement in the holding pattern of received and in progress submitted stories.

Realise I should complete an essay project I began in May.  It might become a thing.

Search through my own previously published stories. Discover one I’d forgotten about. Edit it, add some insights, and upload to Medium, and update my publication page here.  A bit later, check Medium stats and social media engagement.

Arrange an interview for next week after receiving a call. Send same person updated resume.

Realise there are two writing related opportunities I need to develop applications for.

Upload new designs for my Redbubble account. Slowly my lil shop is getting noticed.

Social media. Write a pithy post, delete it. Write another,  keep the draft. Repeat forever. Update feeds, rage silently at the state of the world. Be confused about everything except impending Doctor Who.

Check email. The expected book chapters have come in. Examine guidelines again, and now I am off, proofreading.




Time’s winged chariot hurrying by…

In  a break, check contents of spam folders (email and website), just in case. Delete contents.


Stop proofing for the day.

Edit short stories.

Think about what to write about for my blog. Today I decided on this because it has been a busier week than usual, which is good.

Et cetera.

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