Review relief

Last year (2018) was personally and professionally challenging in a variety of un-fun ways. The things I expected to be doing I didn’t get to do, while other things happened that I never imagined would. Then again, in terms of creative writing, I believe I produced some of my best flash fiction so far, however, I’m yet to see any of it published.  Perhaps, as I rearrange my stories into a flash novella, something will happen in 2019.

So unsurprisingly, up until today I was despairing because 2018 would’ve been the first year nothing of mine had been published anywhere since at least 2011.

Writing SBS

Yes, I wrote some things.

It turns out I was wrong.

Let me explain.

After an odd and somewhat protracted string of factors, I was commissioned to write a review of Wellington Paranormal for SBS.  (That is Australia’s national broadcaster The Special Broadcasting Service.) I duly produced my 800 words and could not find them online. I had looked to see if they were in the Guide, but until I was sent the link I couldn’t confirm my piece was published.

Anyway, I was sent the link today.

So it was. Published I mean.

Here it is: yay!

The relief is palpable.

My publishing record thus continues without a break.

Wellington Paranormal – go watch this on SBS.




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