Since you asked

Since you asked

Look! I have poems out. Today.
No, I haven’t written a novel. 
I might not ever write a novel.
But there’s new short fiction too.  
No, there’s no collected works.  
Maybe there will be, one day. 
Given time, or interest. 
No, I haven't been published 
in the highest ranked 
literary journals. Not yet. 
There's time. And my words 
are all over the world. 
Yeah, nah, I'm not famous. 
But, I completed a novella!
No, not a memoir. A novella. 
Shorter than a novel. 
Yes, I suppose you could call
it almost a novel. No, 
it’s not published. 
There’s no chapbook either. 
Um. No, not a chat box. Never mind. 
There's flash though. 
Flash? That's very short fiction.
Uh-uh. More stories.  
Little ones, yes. That's them. 
No, none have been turned 
into films or TV episodes. 
It's happened to others, 
so why not my work one day? 
I agree. It would be exciting, 
I imagine. Oh. Hello, I was just saying, 
I've had my work published. 
No. No books yet. 
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Steady as she goes, the 2022 writing update:

  • Rejections: 127
  • Pending: 39
  • Acceptances by publisher: 23
  • Acceptances by work: 31
  • Published: 26
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